Trampoline parks

Trampoline parks

Investing in a trampoline park requires a good understanding of your market, of your direct competition and of the target group you want to reach. To suit your park to your ambition Jump Parks Europe differentiates between Base parks, Fun parks and Challenge parks.

Challenge park

Challenge parks

The Challenge parks of Jump Parks Europe make you stand out to competition and will attract visitors from a large area. The compilation of innovative events offer the ultimate jump experience to your visitors. In addition it allows you to increase the parks capacity during peak hours. The Challenge parks are the ultimate investment in a high competitive environment or within densely populated areas.

Fun park

Fun parks

With a Fun park you ensure an increase of returning visitors. By offering a broad variety of individual events your visitors will be wanting to return for completing their journey to your offer of fun and joy. The moderate increase in invest will return by an increasing spread- and number of visitors.

Base trampoline park

Base parks

The Base Parks of Jump Parks Europe offer, with a limited investment, a variety of jump events enabling you to generate a profitable business in an low competitive environment. In case the market dynamics changes the parks can easily be upgraded to Fun or Challenge parks by adding one or more modules from our broad portfolio.