Beach Bounce

Beach Bounce

Jump Parks Europe brought two amazing leisure moments together; beach time & jumping!

With the Jump Parks Europe – Beach Bounce concept, you will attract beach visitors to enjoy the beach scene and have some fun at the same time.

Easy to install

Jump Parks Europe came up with a "Easy to Install" method which makes it possible to install modular events in a easy and quick way. The big secret lies in the environmentally friendly and robust inground system which is made of recycled plastic pallets.

Modular Events

Innovation keeps attracting the crowd to the sight. Jump Parks Europe sets the bar for innovation and keeps delivering tailor made modular events which fits the customer needs.


The EN 1179 states that the maximum fall height on 30cm sand (0,2mm - 2mm) is 3.00 meters. This makes the Beach Bounce concept ideal to implement on sandy sights such as a beach or a camping sight with sufficiënt space.

Patent Pending