About us

1. Orientation

Orientation 1

It is impossible to find your way through the internet jungle of information on trampoline parks. From now on, we will shake hands and provide you with the information you need to understand what it takes to built and exploit a trampoline park.

2. Feasibility

Fun park

You have taken the first hurdle. You know what you want and how your future envisioned trampoline park looks like. We help you complete your business plan, validate the feasibility of your plans to have a basis for applying for the appropriate financial means.

3. Realization


Here we go. We checked your building and agreed with you on the final design of the park. Our specialists in Bosnia roll up their sleeves and start to work. We invite you to Bosnia to see the result yourself before we ship the goods to the site. It is now only a matter of weeks before we finish your trampoline park. ​

4. Opening


You have received a promotion handbook from us that supports your opening. Before this happens, we however, give you (and your team) a user instruction and maintenance & periodic inspection training. The related documents and management calendar will be the core of your future routines.

5. Operations


You are full in operation, follow your daily routines and for all enjoy the fun and joy around you. Here we are again. After one year we come back to inspect your trampoline park and advise you on our novelties. If desired, you can book this routine for the years to come. We stay on board.

Our Vision

We want to create trampoline parks that not only amaze, bring joy and continuously attract new customers but also and more importantly, sustainably fuel your business case.
Now and in the future.

Our Mission

We want to understand you, your ambition and your competitive environment. By doing that, create the ultimate trampoline park that is tailored to your and your future customers’ needs and desires.

Our passion for continuous innovation ensures that every trampoline park is unique. We are lifetime partners, we support you and actively think with you, to keep your trampoline park safe, sound and on par with the latest developments.

Our Values

Customer Centric: open ear 4U
Innovative: create 4U
Craftsmanship: make 4U
Quality: ensure 4U
Fun: joy 4U
Partnership: support 4U