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Welcome to Jump Parks Europe. With our roots in Etan Trampolines we combine 30 years of expertise with our youthful passion and creativity to create a unique outdoor or indoor trampoline park for you. We like to know you, understand you and learn about your dreams. We will help you to put your ambition into perspective, to validate your business case and to create a trampoline park that stands out and will be the core of your business success.

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We create trampoline parks with you, for you. To be successful with your trampoline park you need a balanced concept tuned to your visitor target group and suited to your ambition. We therefore, follow a step by step process to guide you to your optimal trampoline park that will durably support your business case.



We continuously challenge ourselves to create surprising new elements that enrich your new trampoline park, or which can be added as novelty to your existing trampoline park. With new events we increase the attractiveness of your existing park. In combination with a service upgrade to the latest standards, we prolong the lifetime of your investment.



To reduce maintenance effort and related costs Jump Parks Europe supplies accessories that will enhance durability, increase life time and reduce maintenance cycles. To achieve this we exclusively use materials and products from European origin. With an access to a wide network of first class suppliers we are able to offer you a broad portfolio of accessories for your park.

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